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BMW - Conquest Cash

BMW - Conquest Cash

End Date: 6/30/2018

New for June 2018, customers who currently own a non-BMW motorcycle, and take delivery of an eligible BMW Motorcycle will receive a $750 credit toward their purchase in addition to the 2.9% APR OR Customer Purchase Accessory Credit. These credits will be paid on eligible units retailed during the program period via the retail incentive system in the amount listed in the table below. These credits may be used as the dealer deems necessary to close the sale and must be reflected on the buyers order. 

The Conquest Cash offer excludes G 310 R and G 310 GS models.

Eligibility and Guidelines of BMW Conquest Cash

• Customers who currently own a non-BMW motorcycle, and take delivery of eligible* BMW Motorcycles will receive a $750 credit toward their purchase.

• Customers must own a motorcycle titled to their address in order to qualify for this program.

• Proof of ownership of competitive motorcycle is required to qualify for this program. Title, registration, or other documentation is needed to claim the Conquest Cash. If the customer’s title is being held by their bank other paperwork is required to prove ownership.

• No trade-in required for eligibility.

• Extended to individuals residing in the same household as the qualifying customer. Proof of residency must be provided in order to receive this incentive. The BMW Conquest Cash is non-transferable to other family members or friends outside the household.

• One Conquest Cash claim per household for the program period.

• Customers whose original vehicle is in a company name and now wants to place their new vehicle in their personal name (or vice-versa) are eligible for the BMW Conquest Cash subject to documented proof establishing the association between the company and the person.

• BMW Group employees including dealership staff (in DEMS) who meet all eligibility requirements under this program, would also be eligible for this program. 

• Dealer must submit BMW Motorrad Promotion Eligibility Form (below) within 30 days of the date of delivery in addition to documentation in order to claim credit. Forms must be submitted electronically via CenterNet in the miscellaneous folder.